Primary objectives
1. To promote and encourage Somali Archery including gender equity.
2. To define and promote Somali Archery goals.
3. To frame and interpret Somali Archery Rules;
4. To arrange for the teams of Somalia Archery Federation Members
5. To conduct regular annual states tournaments in Archery and maintain the scoring records
of all archers in the states
6. To promote the principles, art, science, sport and philosophies of traditional and modern
Archery in every nook and corner of Somali Archery
7. To Create Flawless System of grading, assessment, certification and refresher courses for
archery coaches.
8. To systematize and legally take appropriate steps to control Archery so that Archery and the
equipment is not used by reckless individuals for crime, breaking the law and order as well
as any other purpose other than safe sports.
9. To create an updated, upgraded, scientific and comprehensive syllabus for archery coaches
for training archers, to dominate in the world of archery.
10. To ensure fair play in the game and to sort out, arbitrate, mediate, adjudicate and decide
on disputes if any in the states of Somali Archery.